Monday, September 9, 2013

In Love with Black and White/Ivory Color Schemes

There is just something about a black and white wedding color scheme that says sophistication to me.  I love the simple elegance of it. There are multiple ways to play up this color scheme so that it still stands out and is personalized to you. 

What I love about black and white/ivory weddings:
·         It will never go out of style. People will wait to see what the trendy “in” colors of the upcoming wedding season from magazines and runways are, but with a black and white theme, your wedding will always be “in trend”.  You will look at your invite 10 years later and not think it looks dated.
·         It is so easy to add slight touches of color elsewhere, like in your flowers or centerpieces.  It helps make those colors really stand out.  The addition of a few drops of color can be a spotlight against a background of black and white/ivory without being the main focus or stealing the show.
·         Since you are limiting your color palate, you can play up different patterns and textures without taking away from the elegance of the event.  For example, using plaid or polka-dot frames for table numbers will not look out of place.

Now for some sets that in cooperate this theme:
Black and Champagne Custom Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite
Notice how this couple added on a simple rhinestone in their pocket invitation.  It was a simple add on, but really made it stand out.  It was an invitation that was very classic looking, but also had that “wow” factor in the simple yet stylish design.  To this day, it is one of my most asked about invitations from potential clients.  For many clients, it serves as their inspiration for their new design.

Black and Champagne Custom Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite - Escort Cards

This theme was carried on throughout the wedding, as we also did the escort cards, and added rhinestones to the escort cards, and added ribbon with rhinestones to help decorate around the venue.

Black and Champagne Custom Pocket Wedding Invitation Suite - Cake
And just look at how great this cake looks?  Need I say more at how stylish you can make a classic black and ivory wedding look modern and stylish at the same time?  Don't worry, I will ;) Cake designed by Premier Pastry

This couple also used a classic white theme, but with an added design, it gave this invitation a fresh modern feel. Damask patterns are so on trend right now and have so many possibilities to make yours completely unique from anyone else. I get asked constantly if I am able to do damask prints and the answer is YES!


 Finally, this couple embraced adding a little bit of color, unlike the other two sets above.  Notice how this wedding is still mostly black and white, but has a small touch of color.  The color  really pops, but without taking away from the main color scheme of black and ivory.  I just think that the small hint of color is beautiful on the menu cards and table numbers adds to the romance of the event. 

So, as you plan for any event such as a wedding, shower, or even a birthday, do not shy away from this classic color scheme.  Weren't we always told in history class that history repeats itself? There is a reason why black and white/ivroy invitations have stood the test of time.  

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Happy wedding/life planning!

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