Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wedding Trends: Skylines

Skylines- The Next Big Wedding Trend?

Lately, I have been getting numerous inquires of doing skylines for invitations.  I have done a couple of skylines as you will see pictures below.  What I love about this idea is how this can easily turn into a theme.  You can label tables by famous building or streets of a city, or places of significant to a couple.  

What I have noticed when people are doing a skyline:
  • They have a view of the skyline at their reception.  Many are at the heart of a downtown area and the skyline is already an amazing backdrop.  One couple that asked was having a rooftop wedding, which I thought was super fun!
  • To honor where they have met.  Some couple met while they were in college and while they might not live there anymore, they want to incorporate how they fell in love in some way at their wedding.
  • To incorporate where they live now.  Most brides get married in the area they grew up, but live in a different city.  Therefore, these brides want to bring some city landscapes into their wedding.
  • They have a lot of out of town guests and by putting a skyline in for their save the date, it helps with these guests knowing the location.

Ways to keep the theme going while at wedding:
  • Naming tables by famous building or streets
  • Escort cards being luggage tags, buildings, or something known about the city.
  • Having a signature food or drink of the area.  For example, here in Rochester NY, garbage plates are unique to the area. Or having am "apple-tini" for NYC.  The possibilities are endless. 
  • Having lights everywhere.  Stringing lights helps create a romantic feel and will help with the theme.

Some examples of skylines I have worked on:

BOSTON, MA:  These pictures were for a rehearsal dinner invite and just made it look classy and modern by using the skyline.

BUFFALO, NY:  This couple started with just save-the-dates, to help highlight the city they were going to be married in.  However, they ended up loving the save-the-dates so much, that we kept the theme going throughout their wedding.  We ended up using the skyline on thank you tags to tie it into their original save-the-date.  It turned out beautifully, and they only needed subtle touches to get their theme across.    

Overall, this is a theme you can incorporate a lot or very little.  It allows you to have much variety, but still gives you a focus.  Skylines will work with any color scheme and can give a couple a way to tell a story, like how they fell in love.

So, what do you think of this new trend?  Leave your comments below and don't forget to "like" Sweet Pea Print on Facebook so see more ideas and pictures!

Happy wedding/life planning!

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