Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elmo Inspired Birthday Party

Any of these pieces can be ordered now and we can incorporate your party theme ideas, just send us an email at info@sweetpeaprint.com to discuss your custom invitations and decorations.
When we were thinking about what kind of 2nd birthday party to have for our daughter we immediately thought of Elmo. Our daughter LOVES him! So the brainstorming began and we came up with a custom made Elmo Inspired Birthday party.

The pieces we at SweetPeaPrint created were: Elmo Inspired Photo Layered Invitation, Custom Cupcake Toppers, Custom Water Bottle Labels, Custom Favor Tags, Custom Tent Cards, Custom Candy bar Wrappers, Custom Thank you card and two Custom Banners

We will take you though all the custom pieces we designed below.

First, we set the tone of the party with our custom Elmo Inspired Birthday cards. We incorporated pink, red and in the invites which would be the color scheme of the party as well as the picture. We used our Red Pepper Linen, Pink and Pearl Card-stock.

We created two custom banners for the party. The top banner we custom cut scallop shapes and custom cut the letters of her name. We then layered them. The bottom banner was custom cut triangle shapes with custom numbers and an Elmo inspired design layered. It was a really special piece and are looking forward to making more of these not only for birthday but for bridal showers, baby showers, etc.


For the favors we made custom scalloped favor tags that when around a frosted sugar cookie. YUM! We make our favor tags in different shapes - scallops, diamonds, squares and circles. They are such a special personal touch on favors that can come in either one, two or three layers.

We also made custom designed candy bar wrappers incorporating the color scheme and picture from the invites. As many of you know, candy bars is how we started our business back in 2004, we love making them! They are so unique and special and our top selling favor for wedding events and birthdays. We design them for large candy bars or mini candy bars.

Elmo Inspired Cupcake Toppers - we used the same card-stock we used for the invites and designed Elmo Inspired Cupcake toppers. There were 4 different designs in all. These were a BIG hit! We have been making a lot of these for bridal and birthday events. They are so unique and a fun way to decorate cupcakes while making them really personal to your event.

We then created custom water bottle wrappers. We used the same color concept and picture from the invites and attached them to water bottles. Our water bottle wrappers are water resistant for up to 4-hours! Great for bridal bags, cook-outs, corporate parties, etc!

We created custom tent cards that were layered with same pink and red stock we used for her invites. We labeled each yummy cookie so everyone knew what delicious cookie they were going to eat. Tent cards can be used for foods, photos, etc. They are a great way to let your guest know what they are about to eat or looking at.


To say thanks for our guests we designed coordinating thank you cards on pearl paper. It was a folded card so we could write a nice note inside.

We think the party went well and so did our daughter (which it the most important part).
Let us know what you think!


Back story:
Last year when our daughter was turning ONE we were so excited we made the custom invitations and and pretty much bought out a local party store with decorations, lol!

Everything looked fabulous, however, after our daughters birthday we noticed that everyone that had a little girl that turned 1, pretty much had the same decorations because of the limited selection of items at a local party store.

With that said, at Sweet Pea Print we like to be different and as our life changes, so does our product line. We are so excited to introduce our new Custom BOUTIQUE BIRTHDAY Party Invites and Decoration Line that you will see soon on our website.

Any of these pieces can be ordered now and we can incorporate your party theme ideas, just send us an email at info@sweetpeaprint.com for your Custom Sweet Pea Print BOUTIQUE Party Invites and Decoration Line inquiry.

Contact us today so we can start working on you CUSTOM birthday party invites/decorations today!