Thursday, August 15, 2013

Themes, themes, and themes!

I have so many clients that come to me asking if I think their idea of a theme is cheesy for a wedding. Many worry that it takes away from the actual event, however I think it is a great way to really zone in on colors, ideas, and inspiration that a couple tends to be more creative and think outside of the box.  Helping clients with their theme wedding tends to be very fun for me creatively as often times I get free rein so to speak to help make their ideas come alive!
Peacock Theme
This theme was subtle, but by using peacocks their color scheme was already picked out in beautiful jewel tones that was incorporated into their whole wedding from invitations to favors the color scheme stayed and really looked beautiful across the room. This is a couple who was not flashy with their theme and helped guide their planning without being the focal point of the event.

Valentines Day Theme
Getting married on around valentine’s day already has a theme built in, so I had a couple that just wanted to embrace what that day and your wedding should be all about: LOVE.
These clients really used their wedding stationery to set the tone of love by using a heart, and the room on their wedding day was very romantic feeling due to the timing of the event, and embracing the theme.  Candles really helped set the tone in the room

Winter Wonderland Theme
Getting married in winter doesn’t have to be all dark and cold, after all you are celebrating your marriage.  Embracing what is beautiful about winter in your wedding will certainly add a fun element to your wedding.  This client really loved the idea of creating a winter wonderland that had snowflakes everywhere.  The stationery set the tone of the wedding, and looking at the silver sparkles, white, and subtle blue across the room made it very cozy and beautiful all at the same time. 

Vegas Theme

This couple got married in Vegas and embraced the theme right away.  From a box invite that incorporated their location of Caesar’s Palace to favors that included personalized chocolate poker chips, they kept the Vegas theme going in a very classy way that was fun to be creative with.

So don’t be afraid to embrace a theme if that is what you are leaning towards and if you want to brainstorm some ideas on how to make your idea for a theme a reality, I am always readily available.
Happy wedding/life planning!

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