Sunday, February 20, 2011

Color Trends for 2011

While doing this research for 2011 trends I couldn't help but think of many fond memories of my own wedding and also some of my textile design classes I took many years ago while attending Buffalo State College. Fun! Hope you enjoy this board and it helps you in your planning. Please let me know what you think. xoxo

The 2011 year in color will have a soft vintage style that gives off a hint of fresh spring colors and will provide rich fall and winter accents.

Spring - many of the spring colors of this year include sky blue, emerald, pink, dandelion, and green.

Summer - you will notice much brighter tints like orange, yellow, orchid, cobalt blue, pink, red, green and purple.

Fall & Winter - colors will have very rich shades that include earth tones and soft vintage varieties. These shades include, dark crimson, olive green, chocolate brown, champagne,
dandelion, purple, razzel pink, orange, and blazer blue.

Look out for vintage style weddings and bright and earthy tones...2011 is sure to be unforgettable and fabulous.

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